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The Power Of Process PHILOSOPHY

The goal of my workshops is for participants to gain an understanding of why and how various techniques work and how to integrate them into a workflow. Principles I have developed myself or learned over my 30 + years in Black and White Large Format traditional film and wet process silver printing will provide a working foundation going forward. Emphasis will be on standardization of methodology from conception to print.

Participants will learn to eliminate as many variables as possible to ensure accurate repeatable results with a minimum of testing and a maximum of making photographs.

It is my belief the creative process is a function of photographic maturity. We will discuss and demonstrate various techniques, which can affect a creative approach. My techniques and methods will streamline the road to photographic maturity. With maturity comes refined and focused creativity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

POWER of PROCESS Workshops


  • Workshop begins Friday evening at 7 PM with an introduction & print share
  • Saturday begins at 9 AM and conclude at 5 PM / includes lunch
  • Theory, Demos and Hands on Approach

  • Limited to 6 participants

  • Pyro History
  • Pyro Principles
  • Proper Exposure
  • Designing and Controlling the Film Curve
  • Designing negatives for the Split Contrast Printing Technique
  • Tray and Reduced Agitation (Semi-Stand) methods to be demostrated
  • Proper Proofing demonstrated

    Sign up for the PYRO and SPLIT CONTRAST PRINTING Workshops in the same calendar year and take the SPLINT TONING Workshop FREE of CHARGE

  • $100.00 deposit to PayPal link below
  • Balance due 30 days prior to start of workshop
  • Deposits not refundable under 30 days unless replacement is found

  • September 30 - Oct. 1, 2016

    $265.00 includes all lab fees

    My Darkroom / Teaching facility is in Rocky Hill, Connecticut


  • Workshop begins Friday evening at 7 PM with an introduction & print share
  • Saturday begins at 9 AM and concludes at 5 PM / includes lunch
  • Demos and Hands on approach will showcase the entire Split Contrast Printing technique

  • Limited to 6 participants

  • Proper Proofing demo
  • Negative Evaluation
  • Print mapping / Contrast indexing
  • Developer controls
  • Flashing / Bleaching demo
  • Printing to appropriate Density
  • Processing for Archival Permanence
  • Toning for Permanence / Split toning demo

    Sign up for the PYRO and SPLIT CONTRAST PRINTING Workshops in the same calendar year and take the SPLINT TONING Workshop FREE of CHARGE

  • June 24 & 25, 2016
    Nov. 4 & 5, 2016

    $265.00 includes all lab fees

  • $100.00 deposit to PayPal link below
  • Balance due 30 days prior to start of workshop
  • Deposits not refundable under 30 days unless replacement is found


  • Limited to 6 participants

  • Examples of various toning methods and sequences
  • Selenium toning for permanence / controlling color shift
  • Sepia toning for increased permanence / color shift
  • Combining and sequencing of the Split Tone process and technique
  • Archival finishing to museum standards

  • June 24, 2016
    Nov. 6, 2016

    $125.00 includes all lab fees

  • $50.00 deposit to PayPal link below
  • Balance due 30 days prior to start of workshop
  • Deposits not refundable under 30 days unless replacement is found

  • ONE on ONE Workshops

  • Can be held during the middle two weekends of any month except months during a Destination Workshop or the month of December.

  • Can be tailored to the participants wishes @ $500.00 per day

  • $300.00 per half day (4 hours)

  • $850.00 Two day weekend

  • $350.00 additional days

  • 8 AM - 5 PM any day except Sundays (4 PM)

  • OUT of AREA Workshops

    3 Masters ~~ 2 Models ~~ 3 Days

    Tolland Studio / Rocky Hill Darkroom, Connecticut
    Nov. 11 - 13, 2016

    Workshop fee $995.00
    Model fee $295.00

    Breakfast / lunch included

    POWER of PROCESS Mentorship Program

    Inquire about the details to enter into an ongoing structured online interaction with Steve Sherman detailing the many components of his Power of Process necessary to carry off extraordinary in camera negatives for Silver Gelatin & Platinum / Palladium prints.

    Designed for those unable to make the trip to the United States or those who wish a slower more relaxed method of learning

    LOCATION Workshops

    Sandy King's Carbon Workshop @ Steve Sherman's Darkroom

  • Designed for those interested in organizing Power of Process workshops in their locale
  • Up to 6 participants
  • Any Middle Month Weekend except December & scheduled Destination Workshops
  • Typically, Friday night to Sunday noon, depending on air travel schedules
  • Additional Days @ $500.00 per / Half Days @ $350.00 per
  • Friday night introductions, critiques and overview of Sat. / Sunday
  • Sat. 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Sun 8 AM to noon

  • Costs: Travel expenses will determine workshop fee to students
  • Limited to 6 participants
  • $ 1500.00 net fee to artist

  • Testimonials

    Over the years Workshop students as well as notable photographers in the Large Format community have offered the following observations about Steve Sherman and his work.

    Id like to give a big shout-out for ( and sincere thank you to ) Steve Sherman, for so superbly hosting his Power of Process open house at his wonderful darkroom / gallery / teaching facility in Rocky Hill, Ct. last Sunday.
    After 47 years of staring at 250,000+ negatives ( with a good half of these having been souped in pyro and pyro-derived chemistry ), plus another few thousand negs ( and prints ) created by students, teachers, mentors, and dedicated masters & I approached Steve Sherman's Power of Process Open House with a sense that I might not see anything of significance. And I was more than a little skeptical about all of this hoo-ha about stand development & my own success with ( relatively more aggressive ) minimal agitation notwithstanding. Boy - was I wrong !
    On Steves lightbox lay a stand-developed negative which embodied everything that is so wonderful about pyro ( and pyro derived/related ) developers. A top-to-bottom, edge to edge feeling of absolute tactility, and yet delicacy & the resolution of even tiny details simply breathtaking, and yet not overcoming the larger meaning / feeling of the image as a whole. Highlights well separated. Midrange a smooth continuum. And the shadows & which at first glance without my reading glasses seemed a bit thin - jumped to life on closer inspection. It was all there ! This is exactly how a ( perfectly stained ) pyro / pyrocat negative needs to be & at least in the context of further interpretation using todays better VC papers&which was Steves intention with this particular negative. It just does not get any better than this. Caveat & you've just gotta see this up close in person - no way that sharing on a forum could ever do this negative any justice !
    Furthermore, Steve is a complete natural in his ability to present and share information, and this in a manner that is both engaging with and responsive to a group of otherwise diverse individuals & the further result of which became an obvious sense of bonding within the group as a whole in the space of but a few hours. Very impressive !
    How nice & in the midst of todays internet-obsessed culture - where those who speak the loudest are often those who have the least to say ( and who, despite this, often get the lions share of our attention ) that there still exists some great opportunities to have some real, genuine face time with some truly knowledgable and dedicated practitioners such as Steve Sherman. I strongly urge those who seek to further their knowledge & specifically regarding Pyro and Pyrocat developers, and / or for a more generally inspiring/motivating shot-in-the-arm - to give Steve a call!

    "Steve demystifiyes the printing process. To see his prints is to realize that he understands the process from within. Steve deconstructs Silver printing, re-moulding his audience to see through his eyes. One leaves changed. Inspired. Affected. Better ! "
    Jakob deBoer, Paris / Toronto

    "I can't thank you enough for that wonderful workshop experience and opportunity to grow Steve - I have taken so much great stuff away with me, the trip has been a runaway fantastic success." I absolutely loved the workshop course and your teaching methods - the ONE on ONE worked out just great - you are a natural educator where photography is concerned and the only thing that surprised me was how you got to this high level of excellence and master status working at it on a part time basis."
    Stuart Walker, Scotland, United Kingdom

    "I think the reason you came across really well Steve was you have a very deep love for the subject matter and the conversations just came flowing out of you non-stop because it was second nature to you and hence all the stuff poured out to overflowing. The workshop was truly excellent and I would very highly recommend the experience to anyone thinking about taking some lessons from you."
    Stuart Walker, Scotland, United Kingdom
    Below is a short video from Stuart Walker about his ONE on ONE weekend

    "Steve's prints are so exquisite that it's clear he has mastery over this semi-stand process. If you ever get a chance to see his images in person, do it, because they are (IMHO) the most masterfully printed silver gelatin prints that I have seen from ANY printer, alive or dead, and I've seen a lot. This is not hyperbole".
    Michael Mutmansky, Author of numerous magazine reviews on product and technique, Ultra Large Format Photographer

    "I saw an exhibition of Steve Sherman's work a few weeks ago in Toronto and the quality of his printing in silver gelatin from in-camera negatives is really breathtaking. When it comes to making a silver gelatin print sing Steve Sherman is someone who can really walk the walk".
    Sandy King, Author, PhD., Ultra Large Format Photographer

    "When looking at a Sherman print one is immediately struck by the tonal qualities from deep, deep black to brilliant highlights, not commonly seen with contemporary prints. But I believe his real talent is in the darkroom where he combines old standard darkroom methods, along with split contrast printing.  His ability to solve complex contrast issues with the use of flashing, developers, or combination filter methods is at a level rarely seen by contemporary silver print makers, and for that matter even understood by the casual darkroom worker. I have watched him work in my darkroom with students and patiently nudge them along with his patient tutoring. Steve has a laid back attitude that shines through, which allows for great communication between the student and Steve".   
    Bob Carnie, Bob Carnie Print Making, Toronto, CA. 

    "Steve Sherman works with tremendous limitations imposed by the process he chooses. Because of the tools and techniques he uses, his imagery is contemplative and deliberate. But as in all art forms, it is the limitations and his ability to superbly exploit those limitations and manipulate the medium that makes for great artworks. Much like a poet manipulates language to produce art".
    Paul Paletti, Gallery Owner, Louisville, KY.

    The weekend was both informative and inspiring as we watched you work your magic, bringing out the detail in the most challenging of situations. Our own approach to the fine print and negative development were enriched and we have added new tools to our own darkroom catalog of techniques.
    Gayle Moore / Tom Potter, Indianapolis, IN. Gallery Owners & Large Format Photographers

    "Steve has an innate feel for historic architecture and engineering. With reverence, awe and insight his images capture the essence of historic Structures".
    Kirk Gittings, author, architectural photographer / contributing faculty, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    "I will be forever in Steve's debt for being able to tap into his enthusiasm, artistic vision, and technical knowledge. Steve is talented and endlessly patience as a teacher. Much of his breathtaking portfolio feels fresh to me a year after seeing it".
    Larry Manuel, workshop student Toronto 2013

    "I've seen several of Steve's prints in person and no matter how good they look on the screen, they really pale in comparison to the real thing. They are the sharpest prints I've ever seen. However, his work is much more important than his technical prowess, he has a fine eye and makes wonderful photographs".
    Scott Killian, Fine Art Large Format Photographer

    "When we saw the prints that resulted from negatives that were developed with semi-stand development and compared them with negatives that were conventionally developed, the differences were astounding. It appeared that the prints from conventionally developed negatives were not even close to sharp. Steve Sherman's work in this regard challenges our assumptions of what it means when something is called "photographic".
    Michael A. Smith & Paula Chamlee, authors & Ultra Large Format photographers

    "Steve Sherman's work is absolutely breathtaking with clarity and indescribable depth".
    Maine Times art critic

    "I attended a Silver Printing workshop in Toronto CA with Steve Sherman in 2013. Steve's instruction was lucid, illuminating and extremely helpful in improving my printing skills. Steve also created a wonderfully relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to learn. Thank you once again!"
    Lily Singh, workshop student Toronto 2013

    "Steve taught me the tricks I didn't know, I didn't know"
    Peter Dylag, Split Contrast Printing 2014 workshop student

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